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Key Benefits of Investing In an Epilator

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EpilatorAny hair removal system that entails pulling out follicles will naturally cause most women to cringe, especially if they are told they can do it on their own. Most of us are unhappy having to deal with hairs that grow in inconvenient places and are constantly on the lookout for hair removal techniques that will make grooming easier. An epilator is a highly underrated device that can make other procedures like waxing and shaving feel antiquated.

  • Long lasting

Because epilators pluck hair right from the root, it will take much longer for this hair follicle to re-grow afresh. This hair removal system is much more effective than shaving which essentially trims that hair follicle to skin level with stubble appearing as soon as the next day. Most women report only having to use the epilator once a month in order to remove any new hair.

  • Reaches the tiniest hairs

Waxing also helps to pull out entire hair follicles, but you have to wait until the hairs have grown out to a length of about 0.5mm above the skin to have the procedure done. This length is needed so the wax has enough surface area to grip when pulling out the hair. Epilators can however reach the shortest of hairs and pluck them out. This means you do not have to wait for hair to grow out before you get rid of it.

  • Affordable

Much like when men buy an electronic shaver, you can expect a quality epilator to last you several years. This means that rather than keep spending small amounts on waxing sessions or shaving tools like razors and foam, you simply make a once off purchase. It is evident that sum of small purchases made by those that prefer waxing and shaving is far higher than the cost of a good epilator over a period of a few years.

  • Fewer hairs

Just like with waxing, the more you use the epilator, the less painful and the fewer the hairs you will have to contend with. Regrowth of hair tends to become gradually finer with fewer and fewer hairs emerging. This means less work as time progresses and fewer touch ups. Shaving on the other hand tends to not only cause hair to grow back thicker, but also has an increased risk of ingrown hairs occurring.

  • Great for travelers

Rather than have to hunt down a store that stocks your brand of razor or have to visit a strange salon for a waxing session, you can simply pack your epilator with your belongings when travelling. This is especially important when you will be travelling to varied locations or are going on a long vacation. You can carry out your hair removal in the privacy and comfort of your own quarters, without anyone knowing about it.

  • Versatile

There are certain restrictions that come with using wax and razors to remove unwanted body hair. Epilators can however be used on just about any body part including under-arms, legs, and the bikini area. To get the most use out of your epilator, make sure to pick one with different attachments customized for use on different parts of the body.

If you’re considering purchasing one check out these reviews on the best epilator. There are tons of unbiased reviews of epilators and women’s hair removal products, done by actual women who use the products.

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