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5 Simple Hairstyles To Try Out This Holiday Season

November 25, 2014 by Hair No Comments

The holidays are a hectic time, especially for moms. You have to organize parties, elaborate meals, shopping and more. With all that has to get done, it is tough to find enough time to squeeze in a hair appointment. The last thing you need is for the holiday photos to really show how tired you actually felt. Here are our top recommendations of hairstyles to try that can easily be put together using items already within most women’s homes. Braid it Braids are very much in fashion right now and make for a great option, especially if you are to attend a formal do. If you have the length, go for the milkmaid braid that wraps around the top of the head. Part your hair down the middle and create a loose French braid to one side. Wind it around the base of your head and add it to a new braid that you create on the other side of the part. You can wrap this final braid around the top of the head and pin in place. High Ponytail This is a very simple and sleek do that is great where you have plenty of long hair. For a party, tie off the hair a bit higher, towards the center of your scalp. Make use of a flat iron on the hanging ponytail to help smooth the strands and give a tidier finish. You can keep the band discreet by wrapping some of your hair around it, or go for a festive colored ponytail holder that complements your outfit. Big Bouncy Waves If you prefer a more voluminous vampy look, then keep it simple with the big bouncy look. All you need is mousse, a blow dryer and a round bush. Comb out your damp hair with the brush […]